Nicaraguan Missionaries

Posted by on 18 January, 2014

This week I have been at the National Pastors’ Conference for Nicaraguan Assemblies of God and gotten really inspired by the gumption I’ve witnessed. The denomination invests in sending out Nicaraguan missionaries internationally in a nearby future.

When I came here two years ago Nic. Assemblies of God had two missionaries out in ministry, in Peru and Uruguay. During this week’s conference, I met a woman who will go out to the UK and also missionaries who plan to travel to India. There are also plans being made for more countries. And yes, it is due time to reach beyond their national borders – the Nicaraguan Pentecostalism is celebrating 102 years and, according to approximate calculations, today 30% of the actual population belong to charismatic denominations. Just the Nic. Assemblies of God counts with 300 000 members and gathered 5,000 pastors and leaders conference during the week.

One of the dreams I’ve had since we began working here is to see how the Nicaraguan revival also reaches out to other nations. Over the years we have had the chance to see it through the Swedish students from Testa Mission returning to Sweden with fresh revival experiences and new eyes on Swedish spirituality. To also be able to see young Nicaraguans go out in international mission will be pure joy and a great blessing to our world.

Even though Nicaragua is a country that has gone through great losses in the Civil War and in its wake, material poverty that still affects the nation; one thing the Nicaraguans have discovered – Jesus and His kingdom is the greatest wealth a person can find. Christ is the desire of the nations (Hagg. 2:7 [KJV]) and our wish is that the Nicaraguan revival will reach far beyond its borders in the years to come.

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  1. keijo

    Gud stor välsignelse över er med fröjd in eveangeliums hopp till som tror och låt Herren använda er i och må ger glädje och kraft och ny Andens utgjutning över detta land med väckelse till frälsning miracle runt många hem och familj in välsignelse i Herren, tack mad välsignelse i Herren keijo södertälje