Beyond the Ashes

Posted by on 17 September, 2014

The Girls at the Dump

I look back with gratitude on a fine summer in Sweden; since I came back to Ciudad Darío, three intensive weeks have passed. We have received six new Swedish students who will go the mission’s course: Testa Mission in Nicaragua during a school year and also the new Nicaraguan students who have lessons and practice together with the Swedish team. In the midst of the school start, we have also moved to a new house, which has taken a lot of energy but which has also turned out really nice.

We look forward to another exciting school year and would also like to thank the Swedish Evangelistic Mission for a continued good cooperation with Testa Mission and now also the project: 25:40 Help to Help, which works from the motto: “Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me. “ Mat. 25:40 [MSG], from August this project is functioning in Ciudad Darío at a preschool and here students from Testa Mission do a part of their practice.

To love with Jesus’ love and stand up for the little ones, is something that continues to challenge me. God always sends people our way who are in need of His love. In the meeting with the small person, that’s the place where God can get big. On the dump in Ciudad Darío among children who collect plastic and metal scrap, that’s right where God can be close. Daring to love in the midst of deepest misery, that’s when the love of Jesus shows most. So I continue to believe that God is raising up beauty from ashes, that His riches overcome the world’s poverty and that eternal life begins here and now, wherever we allow God’s kingdom to break forth.

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