In the Urban Dust

Posted by on 19 December, 2014

We were on a mission trip to Managua this weekend to visit two of the churches where some of our Swedish students do their practice with Testa Mission a few weekends per month. We visited two neighborhoods in Managua where we went out in small groups to offer prayer and tell them about Jesus. And in Managua at the end of the rainy season with dusty winter winds, an umbrella against the blazing sunshine no longer is a good idea – an umbrella turned inside out is good for nothing. But amid the dust, urban noise, wind and scorching sun the brave students stayed out all day. The Nicaraguan students considered the Swedes a bit exaggerated but it’s hard to turn down the pace when you grew up in a country where you have to keep the momentum to keep warm in the freezing wind.

And we met many people, many of them which we prayed for. A woman I met hasn’t left my thoughts during the days that have passed – she was on her way to the bus and when we greeted her to ask if we could pray for her. She was helped by a young man who was heading towards the same bus and we soon realized she was blind from birth. But what she asked prayer for was not primarily the sight, but she wanted us to pray for her five year old daughter that she’d lost custody of 10 months earlier. We prayed for her and her daughter, we hugged and then prayed again, this time for her to get filled with the Holy Spirit and have the strength to be a mother for the son who lived with her. We then followed her to the bus stop, from where she would go to a market to sell candy, the way she made her living.

The cumulative effect of all of our efforts on Saturday is only known by God but my prayer is that whatever small things we could do for all of the least multiplies and makes the kingdom of heaven extend some, that God’s light shines in the middle of urban dust and continue to change the lives of broken people.
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