Lost Candy

Posted by on 23 December, 2014

Aguas FríasWe made a trip that by now is a tradition and if you have done things before you would think that the experience should be a sufficient recipe for success. But sometimes things do not turn out as expected; for reasons we could not control, we arrived two hours late. In a village without electricity it turns black after sundown. When we arrived, the ones that had a long walk, already had gone home. We fought against the clock to carry out everything we set out to do. But no, we had to leave things undone. Putting a stick in the hands of children who rarely get candy for them to bust a caramel-filled papier-mâché figure is risky enough in daylight. So we chose to go home after a half-done job and even though it was pitch black, I could see the disappointment in the children’s eyes when we announced that there would no longer be a piñata. To top it all, I got a cold – sitting on the back of a truck definitely has its charms; the dust cloud that whirls up and get into one’s airways has no part in that; charm, that is.

And yes, this could be Lamentations but I have discovered something when it comes to God; nothing we do in obedience and faith is ever in vain. No matter how unsuccessful our projects may seem, if we learn to pick ourselves up, brush the dust off and move forward, it is definitely a recipe for success. Only when I learn managing loss, I am prepared to manage win.

I believe in a God that measure with other yardsticks, a God who says: “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.” For royal sons should not be born in mangers and not at all nailed to crosses – but in humility, even humiliation, in the seemingly largest defeat, the biggest victory is won.

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