New Year Greetings

Posted by on 9 January, 2015

A few days into the new year, I received a message on Facebook from a woman I did not know. She had seen a photo of me and recognized me from a hospital visit we did at the regional hospital with the class of last year. Me and one of the students met with a pregnant woman and her mother, whom we together prayed for. What we did not know during ministry was that the child was seriously ill and the doctors had said that if he were to survive, he would have to undergo many difficult operations. Nor did we know that they had given the older woman only a short time left to live. The words that were declared over the pregnant woman were God’s peace and that God would be like a mother and a father for her.

As she writes to me, one year and two months later she tells me, that two days after our visit, those words turned into reality in her life; her son’s heart stopped beating and the next day her mother dies. And she tells the story of how she in the midst of this terrible situation felt carried by God himself; that she did not feel pain, frustration nor resentment, but only a deep and inexplicable peace. She writes about the fulfillment of God’s promise and how she ever since has lived in peace.

And I am reminded of that the power of the word of God is not just about the most profound revelations or if the words are extraordinary but simply about saying the right words at the right time. Her story makes me realize how much of a difference a visit and a single prayer can do for those who are in hospital or in prison. For me, her testimony has become an image of God’s care and a reminder of that our words can make so much bigger difference than we often imagine.

This way I want to wish you a blessed 2015!
Selva Negra

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