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With the Heart Wide Open

This weekend we visited La Quesera, a village outside Ciudad Darío. The road was an adventure to say the least, but well worth it. When the rocky road ended, an inhabited location opened up at the foot of a cliff. Before taking off, I had read Jesus’ parable of the heart’s different soils to receive &hellip Continue reading »

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Buñuelos and Blessings

We are in the midst of a new stage with The Mission’s School. Change is exciting, not always pleasant, but when the processes starts rolling, it also becomes clear that it’s a necessity to be able to explore new areas. Now we have lessons with two groups, one for beginners and one for veterans. I &hellip Continue reading »

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Longing for Rain

In writing this, I enjoy the sound of an answer to prayer – rain. Ever since I came back to Nicaragua, everyday topic of conversation has been how dry and hot it is. And it is true, never have I spent so warm August and September days in Nicaragua so my guess is that many &hellip Continue reading »

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New Year Greetings

A few days into the new year, I received a message on Facebook from a woman I did not know. She had seen a photo of me and recognized me from a hospital visit we did at the regional hospital with the class of last year. Me and one of the students met with a &hellip Continue reading »

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Lost Candy

We made a trip that by now is a tradition and if you have done things before you would think that the experience should be a sufficient recipe for success. But sometimes things do not turn out as expected; for reasons we could not control, we arrived two hours late. In a village without electricity &hellip Continue reading »

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In the Urban Dust

We were on a mission trip to Managua this weekend to visit two of the churches where some of our Swedish students do their practice with Testa Mission a few weekends per month. We visited two neighborhoods in Managua where we went out in small groups to offer prayer and tell them about Jesus. And &hellip Continue reading »

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Första resan

Vi har gjort första missionsresan för läsåret – till en by som heter La Labranza och ligger utanför Sébaco. Vi träffade en massa vackra barn. Jag låter bilderna tala för sig själva.

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Time to Dance

We celebrated the day of the Bible this weekend; 445 years ago it was translated into Spanish and I got to see a miracle happen that I have waited for, for two years – my friend who had back pain due to a fracture in a disk in the low back was completely healed and &hellip Continue reading »

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Beyond the Ashes

I look back with gratitude on a fine summer in Sweden; since I came back to Ciudad Darío, three intensive weeks have passed. We have received six new Swedish students who will go the mission’s course: Testa Mission in Nicaragua during a school year and also the new Nicaraguan students who have lessons and practice &hellip Continue reading »

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Nicaraguan Missionaries

This week I have been at the National Pastors’ Conference for Nicaraguan Assemblies of God and gotten really inspired by the gumption I’ve witnessed. The denomination invests in sending out Nicaraguan missionaries internationally in a nearby future. When I came here two years ago Nic. Assemblies of God had two missionaries out in ministry, in &hellip Continue reading »

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