The Missionary

The Missionary

Anna-Sara Bergwall is a missionary in Nicaragua from July 2011.

Anna-Sara has been ministering in the Pentecostal Church of Gävle, Sweden as a youth pastor for seven years. She has since she went out as a volunteer in missionary work in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2002 been passionate about missions. During the years as a youth pastor she organized mission trips annually to Bengt Fiske’s work in Berlin, Germany and a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. Anna-Sara also led exchange trips for young people from Sweden and Nicaragua, in collaboration with PMU InterLife.

Since 2008, Anna-Sara has had a dream to start a cross-cultural missionary school for Swedish and Nicaraguan students. During five academic years (2011-2016) this took place with the cooperation of the course Testa Mission in Ciudad Darío, Nicaragua.

From 2016 the Mission’s School ¡Descubre tu misión! continues with two school years, one for first year students and a second year focused on church planting. The goal of the education is to give young people the opportunity to try their missionary calling in an environment where the Kingdom of God has great success. The course will give students a good foundation for reaching out with global mission in a postmodern society. This work aims to create interfaces for new missionaries to be sent out in worldwide ministry.

The supporting ministry is Gävle Pentecostal Church, Sweden. Other partners in Sweden are: Boden Pentecostal Church, Råneå Pentecostal Church, Kalix Pentecostal Church and private supporters.